Nikon D3500 DSLR

The D3500 from Nikon is a tangible, effectively-specified entry-level digital camera (DSLR) that provides beginners with great performance, real value for their money and good handling. If you are that person who loves photography and videography, this type of camera is there to accomplish your goals. The high-quality image and videos that this DSLR Camera gives to its users is what makes people love it.

Key features Nikon D3500 DSLR

• Its redesigned body and shape makes it the most highly portable DSLR entry level ever
• It contains 365 gram (12.9 ounces) camera body weight
• It encompasses updated and latest 24.2 megapixels (APS-C CMOS SENSOR)
• It has a native ISO range that is between 100 to 25,600
• It has five frames of every second of shooting that is continuous
• It provides eleven point autofocus
• It generates live view shooting that involves subject tracking(ie.18 to 55mm retracting kit lens) autofocus and face detect autofocus
• It has Full HD video recording that can go up to sixty frames in every second
• It provides guide mode that allows a new photographer or new beginners to effectively learn the new ropes in photography
• It is Nikon SnapBridge compatibility and a built-in Bluetooth that allows sharing of photos and videos.
• It has a battery life shot of 1,550
• It has a fixed focus mode of snapshot
• It contains a fixed rear screen
• It is the only DSLR with an optical viewfinder

Should you buy the Nikon D3500 bundle?


Nikon D3500 bundle camera

When buying any camera, having the necessary accessories can make and break your photography. To help you get started, the Nikon D3500 bundle comes with an assortment of accessories to help take beautiful pictures easier.

Below are some of pros of buying the D3500 bundle:

  • Embraces good quality kit lens
  • Provides good image quality
  • Offers silent and fast autofocus
  • Efficient for keen learners
  • Gives value for your money
  • Provides an ideal snappy live view

Cons of buying the D3500 in a bundle:

  • Fixed rear screen
  • It is chunky as compared to other mirrorless cameras
  • The video is HD meaning no 4K

If you are desperately seeking to achieve creativity in your videography and photography, First entry level in DSLR, it goes without saying, Nikon D3500 bundle will perfectly suit your needs.

The Canon 80D is a gorgeous device to take vivid footage. If you have decided to get the Canon 80D in a refurbished condition, you have to keep some things in your consideration. There is some unique information that will help and inspire you to save money and buy the best Canon 80D. We are going to reviews the things to consider when buying the Canon 80D refurbished.

Canon 80D refurbished picture

Before buying a camera you have to look at your wallet from the view of the price tag. Canon 80D refurbished is cheaper than brand new one. So you can consider getting a Canon 80D refurbished coz it performs like a brand new one but saves huge money. A refurbished camera goes through different phases of checking to make it flawless. Some refurbished 80D camera may have some flaws. So it would be better for you to buy from a reliable source. If you buy it online, obviously you consider the rating of the seller and also previous customers feedback. A good seller must give you warranty and even commitments to cashback or replace another one.

A new Canon 80D always looks better and attracts customers easily. On the other hand, Canon 80D refurbished maybe a little bit fade in color but it gives an awesome performance. At times some first hand refurbished cameras are found in the market due to tiny spot or fault on it in time of manufacturing in the company. But before releasing it as refurbished one company checks it thoroughly to mend the defects to make it perfect. You would be lucky if you get a factory-refurbished 80D as It will look like a brand new one.

In fine, if you are interested to buy a camera you can consider Canon 80D refurbished. It is an awesome camera with which you can easily take the vivid snap of huge blue sky.
Best of Luck.

The Canon 70d refurbished is a balanced camera proposed for the devotee picture taker. The element stuffed 70d incorporates the most popular determinations, alongside a few redesigns from prior models (easy to-utilize touchscreen, WiFi, and 20.2MP APS-C sensor) to make a camera that feels great in hand and well made. Here are four standard highlights are seen on this famous Canon camera:

Canon 70D refurbished body deals

Canon 70D body refurbished

The touchscreen on the Canon 70D quickly takes care of changing any setting utilizing the Q menu. Even when buying a Canon 70d body refurbished you get a quality product that is as if not better than the new unit. Also, refurbished Canon 70D cameras are less like to have problems.

The touchscreen menu is exceedingly responsive and completely clear to take a gander at. It even incorporates an alternative to pressing zoom pictures for good clearness when seeing the most recent snapped photos. Other than the onscreen controls, the menus go down with standard physical authorities to deal with the fundamental shooting alternatives if favored. The touchscreen is likewise configuration to flip out to the other side to do the simpler survey. This is particularly useful when working with video organize.

Canon 70D Auto center

Canon 70D sensor

An excellent auto center framework is basic to take sharp pictures. The EOS 70d is introduced with the most recent Dual Pixel AF innovation to make it less demanding to shot quick moving items. This DSLR auto center framework incorporates a sum of 19 central focuses. This expands the camera’s abilities to concentrate regarding the matter. Additionally, the 70d accompanies a greater 20.2MP sensor to help enhance the differentiation and clearness of the photo quality.

Canon 70D Video

Canon 70D accessories

A further part of the Dual Pixel AF innovation is the capacity to build the nature of video accounts. Prior models of the DSLR cameras had issues with loss of center as items moved all around. This difficulty is tackled with the best Canon 70d accessories because of its capacity to quickly auto center as the camera is moved from topic to subject. The camera underpins standard HD (50 and 60p) and full HD video (24, 25 and 30p) catch.

Canon 70D WiFi

The Canon 70d incorporates WiFi as standard and an appreciated component for various reasons. WiFi gets to offers finish ease in interfacing the camera to a PC, tablet or advanced mobile phone. This makes it simple to download and see pictures utilizing the Canon EOS application. Photos can likewise be printed to remote printers or saw on any DLNA prepared TV. Another advantage of using the app is the capacity to remote control the camera. This is sure to help the photograph shots occurring in a studio.